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Written by on April 28, 2011 in News

Written by Theresa Rose
Thursday, 28 April 2011

Evidently, there were Mt. Pleasant residents who didn’t get the message that no tv’s or computer monitors would be picked up this year during spring clean-up.

Crews left the items on the curb for the residents to dispose of. But according to City Adm. Brent Schleisman, several have been found in places like East Lake Park. At last night’s city council meeting Schleisman warned if the annual service is abused it could go away. Spring clean up costs the city money and lately it has been debated whether or not to continue the service. This year the tv’s and computer monitors weren’t picked up because the Des Moines County landfill, where the city’s trash goes, no longer takes them. Speaking of that….the city wants to increase the monthly residential recycling fee because the Des Moines County Regional Solid Waste Commission is increasing the fee Mt. Pleasant is charged for recycling services. Last night the council held the first reading of an ordinance that would increase the monthly residential recycling fee from $2.95 per household to $3.05. The DNR keeps handing down more restrictive rules that cause administrative and hazchem center costs to go up. Cleaning up the hazardous materials from meth labs is also costing the city of Mt. Pleasant some big bucks. Mayor Steve Brimhall said the recent bill was $23,096. That doesn’t include the cost for the lab found just this past weekend. Another note….that’s just for getting rid of the lab. The property where a meth lab is found still has to be properly cleaned and that cost is on the property owner.

The city council set May 11 as the time for a public hearing and first reading of an ordinance to rezone the old Garden Florist location. Property owner Kevin Hoening has requested a zone change in order to allow a used car dealer to lease the property at 803 E. Winfield Avenue for a dealership.

May 25 during the regular meeting, the city council will sell an alley adjacent to property at 805 E. Madison. The residents would like to purchase the already vacated alley since a portion has already been sold and there’s no access to their property from surrounding streets.

Replacing street lights is part of the Washington Street reconstruction project. The city council moved that part of the project forward last night by setting the dates and times for taking bids and awarding the contracts for the materials, equipment and installation. The high pressure sodium LED lights and historic poles will be installed first on the north side of Washington Street from Haynes to Locust. The engineer on the project hopes that can begin at the end of August. The engineer also expects the two north lanes of Washington to be paved and the sidewalks finished sometime in July and then the work will switch to the south side of the street

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