‘Boot Camp for New Dads’ sets up camp in Mt. Pleasant

Written by on July 26, 2011 in News

“Yikes! What will it be like to have a new baby in the house? How will this tiny miracle affect our romance? Our finances? Our day-to-day lifestyle?”Those may be some of the thoughts going through soon-to-be dad’s minds.Healthy Henry County Communities is announcing that Boot Camp for New Dads is coming to Mt. Pleasant to help answer those questions.

Boot Camp for New Dads, also known as Daddy Boot Camp, is a community education program designed to enable new fathers to “hit the ground crawling” when their baby arrives, and head in the right direction in forming a new family with mom. Boot Camp for New Dads uses veteran fathers to orient “rookie” dads who are expecting their first baby. The program uses a man-to-man training approach based upon the best traditions of sports and military organizations. It also uses a very soft touch in the form of babies that are brought by their veteran dads.

Boot Camp prepares men to be dads in all respects, beginning with holding and comforting a real baby. Veteran dads demonstrate burping, changing, swaddling, the trouble shooter’s guide to crying babies. They deal with a broad range of issues including bonding, work hours, forming a parenting team, safety, preventing child abuse, and dealing with relatives. The strongest emphasis is placed on the tremendous support new moms need from dads.

“There are currently no programs in our area dedicated to educating new dads,”explains Stephanie Gardner, Family Support Specialist. “The reason we liked this program so much is that they use a casual environment of guys teaching guys about the challenges of becoming a father. We’re really excited to be able to offer this new class and are not limiting participation to Henry County residents. We hope all new dads in the area will take advantage of this unique learning opportunity.”

Boot Camp for New Dad sessions will be held in the lower level meeting room at the Iowa State Extension office every 2-3 months. The first Boot Camp will be Saturday, August 13 from 9a.m.-12p.m. Call 319.931.0067 or e-mail sgardner@iastate.edu for details and to register. Space is limited.

This program is sponsored by Healthy Henry County Communities, a community partnership of Henry County Health Center. Healthy Henry County Communities (HHCC) is about people: volunteers, community leaders, educators, and others working together to help build a stronger, safer, healthier community. The four programming areas — Diversity, Healthy Youth & Families, Community Wellness, and Senior Services — are driven by the commitment of local residents to create a positive, healthy environment for everyone in the community. HHCC brings together many of the area’s organizations and resources to help create a better quality of life for all residents by responding to needs and opportunities as they develop in our community.

To learn more please visit www.HealthyHenryCounty.org

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