Republicans Rally At The Annual Hog Roast

Written by on July 26, 2011 in News

The 29th annual Henry County Republican hog roast was held Monday evening at the Mt. Pleasant golf and country club. Theme of the evening with the speakers seemed to be that it’s time to get the republican party back in control statewide and nationwide and get things turned around.

State Representative Dave Heaton spoke about the marathon session of the Iowa Legislature that flirted with a budget deadline that could have shut state services down. He stated that Republicans were determined to show everyone that they were serious about slowing down spending by state government.

Tim Pawlenty former Minnesota governor who is trying to become the Republican presidential candidate to run against President Obama was also present to speak. He talked about how during his time as governor he was able to balance the budget, control spending and still maintain necessary programs without raising taxes. He told those present he could get that done in Washington D.C. also. He said Minnesota is a tough state for a conservative politician to get into a role of leadership, let alone get their ideas and programs passed, but he was able to do it.

The featured speaker was Matt Strawn the head of the Republican party in Iowa. He pointed out that the number of registered Republicans is growing, that means that Democrats are switching parties and looking for a change in the way government is being run at all levels.

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