Culinary Students Getting Ready for Challenges

Written by on October 26, 2011 in News

This year Mt. Pleasant is taking two teams to the Iron Chef Challenge at Indian Hill Community College on November 18th. The ingredient of choice this year is Pork. We are trying various courses with pork from the appetizer, main entrée and the dessert. We would like thank the Henry County Pork Producers for making a $100.00 donation the department to assist in providing product to use as a learning tool.
The Culinary Arts classes are going to also be participating in the Main Street Chili Challenge on Thursday and the meat type that will be used is in the chili will be pulled goat! Goat meat is lean and rich in protein and flavor. A serving of goat has half the calories of beef or lamb, one third the calories of pork and skinless chicken breast. About 80% of the world eats this meat type. Mary Savage from Salem kindly donated goat meat for the students to have a new experience. See you at the Chili Challenge to try something new!

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