2011 3rd Quarter Year in Review

Written by on December 29, 2011 in News

County Fairs, Old Threshers and the start of the autumn festivals highlighted the third quarter of 2011 for many in Southeast Iowa. There were also the big issues that were ongoing thru out July, August and September…..The vote on supervisors representation, Washington Street traffic and construction issues, planning for major construction to improve Henry County Health Center and coming up with a plan for rural garbage collection following the announcement early in September that Whaley’s Waste would close October 9. Here are some of the other headlines….

July 21 the 50 soldiers of the 832nd Engineers Mt. Pleasant unit marched into the Mt. Pleasant High School gym. The hopeful anxious crowd was the same crowd that gathered one year ago at the gym to send the soldiers off to Afghanistan.

After more than 21 of teaching and caring for the children of southeast Iowa Rose Alaniz retired and closed The Owl’s Nest Child Care and Preschool July 29.
Also on 7/29/11 a company from Indiana that makes plastic pipe for agriculture and highway projects announced preparations to open a facility in Mt. Pleasant. FRATCO out of Francesville, Indian signed a lease purchase agreement for space in a building owned by Rich Garrels located on West Washington Street.

August 2 Henry County voters didn’t exactly turn out in droves to vote on a supervisor representation plan. And in the end things would stay the same. Henry County Auditor Shelly Barber calculated about 15% of the county’s registered voters voiced their opinion on an issue that became heated in the weeks leading up to the vote. In actual numbers there was 1,053 votes to keep the county’s current plan which is no supervisor districts and all the supervisors voted to at large seats. As expected Plan 2 on the ballot received the least number of votes with 75. Plan three received 786 votes with support from three rural counties. Plan three called for three districts. It would have required the supervisors to represent the district in which they lived and the residents of a district could only vote for a candidate from their district.

Democratic State Senator Gene Fraise of Ft. Madison announced on September 22nd, that he will not be running for re-election in 2012. Fraise has been serving the Iowa Senate for 25 years and has represented several southeastern Iowa counties including Senate District 46 including all of Henry and Lee Counties most recently.
It’s been nicknamed Super Press. That’s what Alaniz in Mt. Pleasant is calling the Xerox CiPress 500. This huge production inkjet system features innovative waterless inkjet technology. And Mt. Pleasant is the only place in the world it’s in operation. Alaniz and Xerox are hosted a celebration unveiling the super press. And probably the biggest news in all this is that Alaniz helped test and deliver the technology. The super press will allow Seberg’s company to produce more, grow the business and reduce costs. For Xerox it opens up another frontier in an industry where they consider themselves the leader.

Main Street Mt. Pleasant is now the proud owner of the Union Block Building on the North Side of the square. Main Street Director Lisa Oetken announced this morning the 16,875 square foot building was purchased for $75,500. Main Street acquired the building from Pune Keomonivaugn who owned the west half and Nhon Le who owned the east half. Oetken estimates it will cost 3.5 million dollars to renovate the three floors. Main Streets vision is to create two prime retail spaces on the first floor, possibly move the chamber operation to the second floor along with a non-profit support center and restore the third floor to its former glory as an opera house to be used for meetings and assembly space.

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