Final Mt. Pleasant City Council Meeting of 2011

Written by on December 29, 2011 in News

The Mt. Pleasant City Council made quick work of a short agenda at their final meeting of 2011. Under old business the council passed three resolutions to facilitate the purchase of a new rescue vehicle for the Mt. Pleasant Fire Department. Wayland State Bank bid the lowest interest rate 2.5% on the loan the city will pay off over 7 years from the city debt service levy.
Under new business three resolutions were passed. One authorizes the mayor to sign an application for a State Transportation Program Improvement grant for the reconstruction of Iris Road from Washington St. to Winfield Avenue in 2016.
Another resolution authorized the use of TIF funds for a $30,000 project that made improvements to the sanitary sewer under a new rail spur at NYPRO.
The final resolution approved the five year capital improvement plan for the airport that must be filed each year to qualify for funding.
After the seven minute meeting was adjourned councilmen Steve Engberg, Matt Krul and Tim Gray were sworn in to begin serving their new terms in 2012.

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