Supervisors Talk Trash and Need Input

Written by on December 27, 2011 in News

The Henry County supervisors are looking for input regarding a request for $150,000 over three years. Anyone with an opinion on whether or not the county should budget $50,000 a year to support the renovation of the Union Block building in Mt. Pleasant is asked to share their opinion with the supervisors.

The supervisors are waiting for a reply from the federal government regarding the use of the Henry County Emergency management building. The area behind the building on West Washington Street is being used as a temporary collection site for rural residents’ trash and recyclables. The supervisors hoped to make it permanent but were told by the feds, who gave the property to the county, that it can only be used for emergency mgt. purposes. The county attorney has written a letter describing the situation and the supervisors are hoping the federal government changes its stance. In the meantime, the new owner of the property where Whaleys Waste used to be located has approached the auditor and one supervisor. Brad Moutrie would like to make an offer to the county to lease some of the area on Saunders Street.

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