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Here is a touching story of dedication by one athlete with physical challenges, and another physically gifted athlete showing compassion.
This story is from the KCRG TV sports department and we thought we’d share it with you.

If you’ve been to a WACO wrestling meet in the last four years, chances are you’ve seen Zane Morrow, pacing behind the chairs. But once the 106-pound wrestlers are called to the scorers table its Zane’s turn to take to the mat.

When asked if he gets nervous, Zane responds: “Kinda.”

And in the final dual meet of his career, on Senior Night, Zane Morrow does not disappoint. First the takedown, then he gets the Pekin wrestler on his back and he gets the fall.

But to understand the magnitude of this win you have to know what Zane has gone through. He suffers from cerebral palsy, he’s undergone nine surgeries in 18 years, most of them on his heart. And his ears are transplants. A win like this means everything.

Zane says he’s been wrestling since he was four years old, and he just wants to win. “I think it was the highlight of his four years, his biggest highlight was tonight,” says Beth Morrow, Zane’s mom.

“After the match it was hard not to tear up, a kid that physically can’t do what most kids do, he never fails to try. I think that’s an inspiration to kids,” said Sterling Rex, Zane’s coach for the last four years.

But what makes this story even better is the sportsmanship shown by the opposing team, Pekin. Brandon Baayen, the wrestler that Zane pinned is a potential state qualifier. Last weekend he and his coach Al Chapman decided that a moment like this for Zane was much more important that one more win for Brandon, thus the pin.

It was Zane’s second win in his entire career, and the crowd roared. That is sport at its finest.

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