MP Culinary Students Win Iron Chef Again

Written by on April 24, 2012 in News

Friday Mt. Pleasant took 3 teams to the Iron Chef competition at Indian Hills Community College. 18 students competed. And Mt. Pleasant again this year came home the winner! Beef was the ingredient that needed to be included in appetizer and main course.

One team made Bacon Cheeseburger Balls with a dipping sauce as an appetizer. The main course included Grilled Beef Kabobs served on a bed of rice. The dessert was a favorite LAVA Cake garnished with a strawberry fan.

Another team made a Beef and Cheese Crustini garnished with a tomato and parsley. The main course was a Big Kahuna Burger (Beef, green peppers, honey/teryiaki Sauce, and pineapple ring), a garnish with Mango cole slaw, and the side dish was fresh green beans wrapped with bacon. The dessert was a citrus trio of cheese cake tarts (Key Lime, Orange and Lemon tarts)

The winning team made Beef egg rolls with a sweet chili dipping sauce, the main course was a beef stir fry with a fabricated sauce, that included Pad Thai, Oyster Sauce, and soy sauce, served on a bed of rice. The dessert was a chocolate dome filled with chocolate mousse.
The students made the chocolate cups by blowing up water balloons and dipped them in chocolate and let them harden. Then filled them with chocolate mousse and turned them upside down on the plate. Other schools competing each brought one team: Mediapolis, Ft. Madison, Cardinal, Davis County, Ottumwa.

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