County Resident Wants Supervisors to Follow the Law

Written by on May 31, 2012 in News

Henry County resident Robert Batey came to the supervisors meeting this morning with legal counsel. He had asked his lawyer to speak to the supervisors on his behalf regarding a discussion that supposedly occurred outside a regular meeting in February. The discussion was to have revolved around the construction of a large cross on Batey’s property south of Mt. Pleasant. The lawyer read from a transcript and said there had been a discussion at length about the cross. Batey’s lawyer said this was contrary to a comment from Planning and Zoning Adm. Joe Buffington that he merely stepped in after the meeting adjourned to give the supervisors a heads up regarding the fact that Batey did not get a permit from the county to construct the cross. The lawyer said it was more than a head’s up but instead a lengthy discussion that wasn’t on the agenda and that Batey was not notified to be there and participate. According to the lawyer, Batey doesn’t want to pursue a lawsuit and isn’t looking for damages. Instead he wants a county government that follows the law. The supervisors, Buffington and County Attorney Darin Stater did not have any questions or comments.

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