Washington Road Openings

Written by on June 28, 2012 in News

When we talk about the Washington Street Project, we are usually discuss closures.  This time, we’re talking openings.  That is a good sign that progress is being made.  Yesterday at 2 pm, Washington opened to east and west-bound traffic from Marion to Harrison and then later on in the afternoon Washington from Harrison to Locust opened up again as well.  Washington is now accessible to the south at all intersections from Marion to Locust.  There are still a few closures to announce.  The Van Buren, White, Jackson and Jefferson intersections are closed to the north.  These are hoped to be open by July 2nd.  As always, our many thanks to the construction crews for working so hard to get through this project.  Don’t forget, even with the road closures, you can always take a quick detour and enjoy all that the downtown area has to offer.

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