Overdue Book and $5,000 Fine

Written by on August 27, 2012 in News

87 year old William H. Morrow paid a late fee Saturday to the Salem Library on a book that his wife had checked out. So what’s the big deal about that? The book had been checked out in 1948 and the check William wrote to cover late fees was for $5,000. In 1949 William Morrow married Mildred Cammack who is now deceased. In 1948 she entered the Salem Women’s Club Library located above the local pool hall and checked out the book Treasure Island. The book went with the family to the West coast where William worked for the Southern Pacific Railroad while he and his wife raised four children. Recently while helping Morrow prepare to move from his home, a family member discovered the book. It was decided then that while back in Salem for his 70th class reunion William Morrow would return the book that had been checked out for 64 years, and present the Salem Public Library with a $5,000 check. Will the book go back on the shelf? Library officials said they plan to put the book on display with information telling the history behind it.

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