Written by on October 12, 2012 in News

If you’ve ever picked up a virus, trojan, or malware on your computer… you know how sneaky, frustrating, and time consuming they can be. It becomes a larger problem, when a website you visit regularly – becomes infected – unbeknownst to the company that owns the site.
Visitors to kilj.com may have received a security warning from their antivirus, or internet security programs over the past few weeks, saying that the site was unsafe, a threat to your computer, or a security risk.
Unknown to KILJ – kilj.com received several attacks by hackers – unlike any that our web page administrator has seen.
Upon the recommendation of our website administrator – Hayloft Media – KILJ has now enlisted Sucuri.net, to our website security arsenal.
Sucuri is a website security company – that constantly monitors for the ever changing malware programs that bury themselves deep in the background of a website. Sucuri scans, cleans, and removes infectious malware that causes a website to be infected and cause a security risk to other computers.
kilj.com had fallen victim to malware attacks several times over the past few weeks, and addressed the problem quickly – only to be hacked repeatedly. The malware was also detected by Google, which had “blacklisted” kilj.com, indicating the site posed a security threat or risk. KILJ was notified by Sucuri, that all malware has been detected and removed from kilj.com, and that the Google “blacklisted” status has also been lifted.
You may still find a warning on a Google search that kilj.com may harm your computer, but that status should be lifted soon – and kilj.com is currently a safe website.
KILJ would like to apologize for any inconvenience that any malware may have caused our site visitors, but would like to reassure you that the site is now safe to visit since adding Sucuri to our website security.

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