HCHC Board of Trustees Meeting

Written by on October 31, 2012 in News

The HCHC Board of Trustees met yesterday.  For the building project: work continues to progress at a good pace.  Phase Two is expected to wrap-up shortly and Phase Three work has already begun.  A milestone was met in that electricity was up and running at the new energy center by the deadline.  The deadline for some equipment hookups will not be met.  This is due to their complexity but it is a mixed blessing as this allows for more training.  The surgery edition should be enclosed by the end of February, then portions of the current facility will be taken up for construction.  One change: the construction of the Radiology Canopy has been moved up.  This allows the canopy to be used during the winter months to protect patients from the elements. 

The dates have been set for bid letting.  Previously the board had declined two packages due to costs.  The board worked with contractors to find money saving solutions.  The bid for aluminum framing, glazing and automatic doors and the bid for flooring, tile and fluid applied floors will all be rebid.  The bid letting for those and a new bid for signage has been set for November 20th at 10 am.  Also that day will be a public hearing and package review. 

In the Audit Report that was reviewed, findings were that the monthly information provided was clear and fair and provided information that would be appropriate for decision making.  The Health Center receives $500,000 from county taxes.  To put that in perspective: that ranks them 36th out of 42 hospitals in the state that receives governmental money.  After going over figures, it was hoped that the construction work underway will help retain local patients who have elected to go elsewhere for medical treatment. 

The Board also approved a Medical Fitness Agreement with the Rec Center and Great River Health Systems.  This agreement is a community initiative that provides screenings, education and health classes.  It will start as a 90-day program as a trial run.  After reviewing the success, it could become a year-long agreement. 

Jodi Geerts reported on a program they recently completed for nurse documentation that focuses on defined rules.  She also reported that they were working on improving their patient satisfaction numbers. 

Lastly, Dave Muhs provided a financial report.  Revenue and expenses are close to budget and the first quarter is looking much better than it did for the year 2011.  He reported that October revenue is above budget.

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