Information Released Regarding Van Buren County Shooting

Written by on October 16, 2012 in News

An Ottumwa man has been charged with attempted murder following a shooting incident over the weekend in Van Buren County.

Rusty E. Salter, 32, was charged with attempted murder and criminal mischief after the alleged incident in Selma Saturday afternoon.

According to complaints filed by the Van Buren County Sheriff, Salter visited “a friend” in Selma. An altercation ensued and Salter was allegedly assaulted.

Salter preceded to remove a rifle from his vehicle and fire multiple shots into the home of Randall Ray Ritz.

Meanwhile, Randall’s brother, Richard Todd Ritz, of Mustang, Okla., allegedly stepped outside of the house and “fired a warning shot in the air” with a handgun.

Richard Ritz, Selma, and Austin Lee Ritz, Oklahoma City, Okla., were each arrested and charged with willful injury, Richard Ritz was also charged with assault (display or use of weapon).

Randall R. Ritz was arrested for manufacturing marijuana and failure to affix drug stamp.

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