MP School Board Meeting

Written by on October 9, 2012 in News

Mt. Pleasant School board met in regular session last night. District Business manager Ed Chabel presented the certified annual report that is filed with the state. Chabel reported total revenues for fiscal year 2012 of 25 million, 728 thousand, 677 dollars. Total expenditures for all funds were 24 million, 241 thousand.
Chabel also gave the annual transportation report for last school year. The average cost per mile travelled by district vehicles is $3.11. That’s up twenty cents from the year before. According to the report the cost to run 18 bus routes, transporting 1,000 students is $880,642.

Chabel presented the special education supplement report. This report breaks out special education costs for the district. According to the report there are students open enrolled out of the district to 32 different school districts, 12 of those go to SCC. The district pays $357,000 in tuition for these students. There are 49 tuitioned into Mt. Pleasant from a range of other districts. The districts receives $524,000 for the students open enrolled into Mt. Pleasant schools. When all the book keeping is done the total state and local special education balance is $209,000 and that’s a surplus. Other years the district sees a deficit in special education funds.

The Mt. Pleasant School district will host a series of Community forums this year. November 19 at 7 pm at the Middle School there will be a forum for parents on how to talk to kids about using the internet and being online.
The Mt. Pleasant School board site committee reported at the full board meeting last night on its walk thru of district buildings. The committee was looking at physical issues in the various buildings that include lack of storage and problems with bathrooms.

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