Post Office Community Meetings

Written by on October 17, 2012 in News

It was pretty cut and dried. A representative of the United States Postal Service told the half dozen New London residents gathered at the post office when the office would be open. It took about five minutes. There was an explanation of the surveys sent out to the community. 1,394 were mailed. 453 returned. 88% of that number were in favor or a realignment of hours if that meant keeping a post office in New London. The residents were told after reviewing the surveys and taking into account postal service operation needs the retail hours will likely be Monday thru Friday 7:30 am to 2 pm with a lunch break from 11:30 to noon and then Saturday 8:30 to 10:30 am. The USPS has similar meetings scheduled at other post offices located in small communities.

The United States Postal Service community meetings for today are as follows:
Wayland at noon
Olds 1:30 pm
Winfield 3 pm
Crawfordsville 4:30 pm
Grandview 7 pm
The meetings will be held at the post office in the respective communities. Anyone with questions regarding these times should call the post office.

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