Request to be Appointed Sheriff

Written by on October 24, 2012 in News

Anyone who has been a county resident for at least 60 days and currently resides inHenry County may request to be appointed Henry County Sheriff. The county supervisors announced this morning their intention to appoint someone to serve as sheriff from November 11 until December 31. Sheriff Allen Wittmer has resigned and November 10 is his last official day on the job. Persons interested in being appointed must write a letter to the supervisors stating qualifications and the reasons why they wish to be serve. The deadline to send a letter is November 8. The supervisors may again have to decide to appoint or hold a special election to find a sheriff to serve beginning January 1. If Rich McNamee wins the election nothing will have to be done. However, Wittmer’s name remains on the ballot even tho he is no longer in the running. If Wittmer receives more votes, then the supervisors will have to choose to appoint or order an election. Another point to consider…..if an appointment is made then citizens have 14 days to bring a petition calling for a special election. Auditor Shelly Barber said it costs the county twelve to fifteen thousand dollars to hold an election.

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