Supervisors Meeting

Written by on October 9, 2012 in News

More discussion of abating taxes for a local church led to tabling the issue again. The Henry County Supervisors continue to mull over a request from the Grace Community Friends Church to abate $6,850 in property taxes. A decision was tabled from last Thursday until today. More discussion was held with lawyer Jeff Thomas, representing the church. It appeared that Supervisors Lindeen and White could have voted today but Supervisor See suggested they contact the Mt. Pleasant School system, HCHC and SCC before making a decision. These would be the largest entities benefitting from Henry County tax dollars. White said he had talked with the city of Mt. Pleasant, whose representative expressed concern about what message an abatement might send. And White said individuals have indicated other tax exempt entities would line up at the supervisors door asking for abatements. The church, a tax exempt entity, didn’t realize when members purchased their new building from Pilot Grove Savings Bank that there would be a period of time in which the church would be responsible for paying the taxes. A section of Iowa code does allow the county supervisors to decide whether or not a tax exempt entity must pay in a situation like this.

The county and the city of Mt. Pleasant have an agreement that city residents may dispose of sharps or needles, at the county refuse collection site in Mt. Pleasant. This is residential only. However, Prottsman Sanitation alerted the auditor that recently Pleasant Manor Care Center in Mt. Pleasant brought four 25 gallon tubs of sharps for disposal. Prottsman didn’t take the sharps and confirmed with the auditor the care center didn’t qualify for the service. A call to the city administrator’s office also confirmed the sharps could not be taken by the county facility. The supervisors want individual residents to know that they are welcome to use the service, just not organizations like hospitals and care centers.

The supervisors approved a fireworks permit for Dean Walter at 2540 105th Street in Winfield. The permit is for November 3.

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