From the Henry County Supervisors Meeting

Written by on November 13, 2012 in News

The Henry County Supervisors approved the vote canvass for the recent general election. Some things to note from the election…..there was 66% voter turnout. 4 years ago it was 60%. Absentee balloting was up. There was significant election day registration taking place in some precincts causing things to bog down. There were 7 absentee ballots that were postmarked November 5 but weren’t delivered to the auditor’s office until after the election and had to be counted Thursday. Auditor Shelly Barber said the precincts reported very little voting taking place after 7 pm that evening. She said the State Auditor’s Association is pushing the legislature to allow polls in Iowa to close at 7 pm or 8 pm. Iowa and New York are the only states where the polls stay open until 9 pm. This would be a money saver for the county. Another money saver would be appointment rather than election of township trustees. But all the townships would have to vote in favor of this change. Barber said there were three townships in which at least one trustee will have to be selected from write in votes. Overall the auditor said the election went pretty smooth.

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