From the Mt. Pleasant School Board Meeting

Written by on November 13, 2012 in News

There are three long term issues the Mt. Pleasant School district must address…technology, location of the central office and air conditioning in the elementary schools. Supt. Dr. John Roederer asked the School Board last night to schedule a January work session to begin looking at these issues. Roederer told the board that he expects the district to go to year round schooling in the future making a.c. necessary in all buildings. He also reminded the board that the district’s lease for central office space in the Mt. Pleasant Public Library Civic Center expires in 2015. Currently, the space is rented from the city for $40,000 a year. The Supt. has opened a conversation with the city regarding whether or not the space will still be available and will the rent be the same.

Representative Dave Heaton visited the Mt. Pleasant School Board meeting last night. He previewed what might come up for discussion in the 2013 legislative session regarding education. He said he was frustrated last session as they tried to implement education reform. Rep. Heaton went over the Governor’s proposal that would cost the state 175 million dollars. The plan would raise beginning teacher salaries, provide stipends for high need subject areas, create career paths for teachers and offer graduating teachers two years tuition. But Heaton warned the school board that this means no allowable growth funds. Roederer said the cost of education keeps rising but revenues don’t. He said districts need allowable growth dollars and he also said state mandates have to be funded.

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