October Weather

Written by on November 1, 2012 in News

After all of the wacky weather we’ve had in 2012, October may be the most normal month of the year.  The average high temperature was 63 degrees.  The average low was 38 and we saw 4.1” of precipitation.  The weather was conducive to a good harvest season for farmers.  It allowed them to have one of the earliest harvests on record as well as get some fall tillage and fertilization work done also.  The warmest day for the month was on the 25th at 81 degrees and the coolest temp was recorded on both the 29th and 30th at 24 degrees.  The biggest rainfall was 1.7” on October 15th.  We now start November with a month of turkey, pumpkin pie and hopefully another normal weather month.

The state received much needed rain but it slowed progress for farmers in harvesting.  That’s what Iowa Secretary of Agriculture Bill Northey said after reviewing the weekly USDA Iowa Crops and Weather Report.  Iowa now stands at 95% harvest for corn and 97% of soybeans.  These numbers are still well ahead of average.  This past week saw only 3.9 days that were suitable for fieldwork.  The cool, rainy days did have farmers waiting for fields to dry so that they could harvest their remaining acres.  The rain was much needed after drought conditions however.  Both topsoil and subsoil conditions improved.  According to State Meteorologist Harry Hillaker, the October statewide average put precipitation at 3.11 inches.  October was the first month since April with a greater than normal total.  The weekly report is available online at IowaAgriculture.gov.

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