Section of Threshers Road Will Close

Written by on November 15, 2012 in News

Anyone who travels Threshers Road in Mt. Pleasant between Locust and Walnut Streets will probably run into barricades today. And it looks like a section of that road will be closed permanently. The Federal Railway Association doesn’t like it that the Old Threshers trolley crosses Threshers Road twice. Old Threshers has been instructed by the FRA to make changes to improve safety or the FRA will shut down the trolley and maybe the train. The city and Old Threshers have determined that vacating the short section won’t be a problem for anyone. The city has to go thru the formal vacation process dictated by code which will take some time but in order to appease the FRA until that process is finished, that portion has to be shut down. As part of the process a public hearing will be held December 12 at 7 pm. The planning and zoning commission also has to review the vacation request. Then….Old Threshers will probably purchase the area between the tracks that amounts to three parcels of land.

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