Still No Winner in State Senate District 42

Written by on November 7, 2012 in News

On Election Night, we went to bed without a declared winner for the State Senate District 42 and we still do not have a clear winner.  The race was between Republican Larry Kruse, Democrat Rich Taylor and Independent Mike Garmoe.  For Henry County, Kruse came out on top garnering4697 votes to Taylor’s 4051.  Garmoe receive 771.  In Jefferson County, Kruse received 530 votes to Taylor’s 302 and in Washington County, it was Kruse 581 to Taylor 349.  Reports in Lee County have Taylor receiving 9240 votes to Kruse’s 4697.  This wide margin has Taylor on top. 

 However, these numbers are not firm as precincts in Lee County do not have their results in yet.  This is due to larger than expected turnouts that had precincts printing off papers ballots forvoters.  The problem is that these copies will not go through the machines.  This calls for hand counting of the ballots.  Election workers are being called in to go over the ballots.  To ensure that the results are correct, the ballots will all be counted three times.  This slows the process as well as the election results for the race.  Several news organizations have called Taylor the winner in the election. 

According to KILJ News tabulations, Taylor is leading the election but until the precincts are counted, no official winner will be declared.  According to the Lee County Auditor’s Office, no official timeline for counting can be determined however, work is underway.

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