There’s a New Sheriff in Town

Written by on November 9, 2012 in News

The Henry County Board of Supervisors met in regular session yesterday.  First on the agenda was the appointment for Henry County Sheriff.  This comes after Sheriff Allen Wittmer resigned in order to accept a federal job in Texas.  The Sheriff appointment is a temporary one as Sheriff-elect Rich McNamee will take over the duties on January 1st, 2013.  Following the resignation, the Supervisors requested that those interested, send a letter of interest with their qualifications.  Two people responded.  One letter was from McNamee and the other was from Chief Deputy Dan Wesley.  The Supervisors felt that in following a chain of command already in place, it should dictate that they select the second in command, Deputy Wesley.  He attended the meeting and was amendable to the decision.  Sheriff Wittmer’s last official day is Tuesday so Wesley will be sworn in at the Supervisors meeting and will serve through December 31st.  The Supervisors also read and reviewed the 2012 Annual Report from Weed Commissioner Harold Pollmeier.  Finally, the Board opened and reviewed the bids for the former County Care Facility and its surrounding property.  Six persons submitted bids.  The area was split into two parcels.  The first, 8.7 acres including the building and the second was 29.34 acres of farmland.  The land including the building appraised for $41,000 and the farmland appraised for $7000 an acre.  Bidders could select one or both of these parcels.  The top bid for the land including the building was by Mike Barton for $65,000.  Top bid for the farmland only was by James Kinney with $150,000.  And the top bidder for the combined portions was Mike Barton at $195,000.  We do need to stress that these are the current numbers as all bidders will be notified of these amounts and will then attend the actual auction on December 4th which decides that sale price.

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