Condition of Railroad Crossings is the Railroad’s Responsibility

Written by on December 27, 2012 in News

Drivers are unhappy with the current condition of the railroad crossings in Mt. Pleasant. Due to last week’s winter storm the crossings are bumpy and slick. Over the weekend a car became stuck on the tracks and was hit by a train and other motorists have reported problems with crossing the tracks. The city of Mt. Pleasant contacted the railroad right away after the accident, but city administrator Brent Schleisman said, as of this morning, he has not received a response. He has also called the Iowa Department of Transportation to ask for help in getting the railroad to clear the crossings. Schleisman also said that every year the city receives a letter from the railroad with specific instructions. City crews are not allowed to put down any salt to melt ice and cannot come within fifteen feet of the tracks when doing snow removal.

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