Ice Fishing Conditions

Written by on January 4, 2013 in News

Last year was an extremely mild one for southeast Iowa.  This year is a return to colder, more normal winter weather.  While some may favor the warmer temperatures, there is one group very happy with the cooler temps.  Ice fishing was very risky last year.  In fact, three Iowans drowned will while through thin ice last year.  This year, the ice is a lot different and many anglers have been out around the state trying their luck.  Three inches of ice is the bare minimum but some areas are experiencing six inches of ice coverage.  Some areas are still on thin ice.  That includes Lake Geode where no ice fishing is advised.  Wilson Lake is experiencing 5” thick ice.  Anglers are finding a good amount of trout.  Lake Darling remains drained for renovation however fishing in watershed ponds have about three inches of ice.  Some areas are thinner so test drilling is recommended.  Pollmiller Park Lake has about 5” and bluegill are ranked as good.  Finally Lake Macbride has the majority of the lake covered with 6” of ice.  Bluegill stock is ranked at good and crappie ranked as slow.

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