Mental Health the Focus of Supervisors Meeting

Written by on January 17, 2013 in News

Sarah Kaufman provided the monthly update for CPC – that’s Central Point Coordination – as well as her budget at the Henry County Supervisors meeting this morning.  She discussed a meeting that she attended yesterday for the ID Action, they discussed the reworkings of mental health for the new regions system and the fact that persons with developmental disabilities and brain injuries will be left out of the redesign.  The meeting stressed the importance of legislatures know both positive and negative responses to the changes. 

Kaufman also discussed the issue of commitments as there is a problem in the county as far as stable prescribers.  They have begun discussion with Hillcrest Family Services to have them work with the county to provide services with the possibility of an office in Henry County. 

Another item of note was that Optimae Life Services has been sanctioned by the Department of Human Services and until the sanctions have been lifted, health services will not be recontracted with them. 

There are still a lot more questions than answers are far as the regionalization of mental health care goes.  Several counties are having money problems and have to cut their services.  Both Des Moines and Lee county are forced to cut their budgets.  By July 1, 2014 ALL counties in the region will have to adopt the same budgets and services offered here may take a hit. 

There was the possibility of lowering the levee rate for mental health due to the fact that there is still a fair amount of money left in the coffers.  Kaufman said she believes it behooves the Supervisors to lower the levee, use the balance and in the process lower property taxes.  Several questions came up regarding this though, such as exactly how much would it be lowered and if it would make a real difference on tax levels.  It would be a one-year only change and a worry was brought up by Auditor Shelly Barber who said the state may claim that the lower rate was actually only what the county needed and lock in that lower rate, which would cause funding problems in the future as this was only a measure to use up stored funds.  The Supervisors will discuss this issue further. 

As far as the budget goes, it was the lowest by far.  That’s due to the closure to the county home and the push to get those eligible for Medicaid on the books. 

Finally, the Supervisors passed a resolution assigning tax sale certificates to Dan Jacobs.  The details were hashed out at Tuesday’s meeting so they made quick work of this item.

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