Thursday’s Supervisors Report

Written by on January 4, 2013 in News

It was reports from department heads that started the Henry County Supervisors meeting yesterday morning.   Ana Lair shared information on the Real ID program.  This is a card issued by the DOT which is similar to the standard driver’s license, except for the special designation on the card.  It will be required for federal purposes; including boarding a plane and entrance to certain facilities.  This ID will be available January 15th but she stressed that it is not an immediate need for the change as it will not go into effect until December 1st of 2014.  It will cost the same as a regular license but will require extra paperwork.  For specifics, you can visit the Iowa DOT website.  Bill Belzer, the County Engineer presented his fiscal year 2014 budget and the five year plan.  He reports that he is under budget in many areas due to the drought conditions that did not require gravel to be restocked on roadways.  Several projects are ahead of the road department crew including the repaving of areas of Business 34 and work on bridges in the area.  Finally, the Board approved a change in attendance policy in the County Employee handbook.  They approved it by the request of department heads.

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