Washington Apartment Uninhabitable

Written by on January 18, 2013 in News

According to authorities in Washington, an apartment has tested to be uninhabitable.  The Goncho Apartment Building at 306 North Marion Avenue was discovered last week to have a meth lab in one of the units.  After what, adjacent apartment and the common areas on each floor were tested.  These tests showed unacceptable safe levels of methamphetamine residue. 

Also, state and city fire inspectors discovered violations of both city and state fire codes.  Due to the high methamphetamine count and numerous code violations, the building has been deemed dangerous and unsafe to occupy.  Residents were notified of this decision yesterday.  They were also told to leave all of these belongings in the apartment as well since they were contaminated.  The building was secured yesterday will not be opened again until cleaned and until all violations have been addressed.  Tests showed that the building was 50 to 90% above normal safe levels.

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