Wednesday MP City Council Meeting

Written by on January 10, 2013 in News

It started as a short City Council meeting last night as they made quick work of several items on the agenda including several public hearings and sales.  A portion of Harvest Drive right of way will go to Old Threshers who will clean it up.  Another portion of S. Locust Street was released from the city as they have no use for it and finally a sale to correct a property description with David and Brenda Bain was approved.  It is merely a property description change as they are only trading a few feet.  Then, the meeting took an interesting turn when they came to the 2nd reading of the proposed ordinance amending the Abandon and Junk Vehicle section.  As it is written, if a problem persists for three days, a citizen can complain.  At that point, the City will send a certified letter and upon receipt, the property owner has ten days to solve the problem.  There were issues by some council members regarding this time length.  There were other issues with the wording of the amendment in regards to having to move vehicles on a property if they are parked, such as a truck in a driveway or if a person were to leave a vehicle at Amtrak and take a vacation, as it is currently written, a person could be fined.  The Council decided that there were still too many questions and suggestions that needed to be addressed.  However, if they voted to not approve the 2nd reading, they would have to start the process all over again.  After lengthy discussion, everyone voted to not pass the reading.  This is a time for community input as the Council would like to hear more from the community for exceptions and things that they would like to see addressed.  After some minor changes, the 2nd reading of a proposed ordinance amending the Nuisance Abatement process section was approved.  In New Business, the Council approved a service agreement for some projects at the airport.  They awarded the alley sanitary sewer project to Kinney and Sons to fix the sewer situation in the alley behind the Post Office.  Also awarded was the frontage road repair adjacent to North Grand Avenue to Wesley Barton Construction.  As this will be used as a detour route during the Grand Avenue Project, the need was to get this road up to par before that process began.  They also passed a resolution authorizing an Energy Efficiency and Conservation Block Grant Application.  The City had learned that funds were available to retrofit lights on traffic poles in the Grand project area.  The Utilities are the ones in charge of the work and will pay the match funds.  Finally, Barb Welander of the Building and Zoning Department announced that tax abatement requests for 2012 need to be in by the end of the month.

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