Wednesday’s Supervisors Meeting

Written by on January 3, 2013 in News

It was the first meeting in 2013 for the Henry County Board of Supervisors and there was a new face on the Board as Kent White retired and Greg Moeller was sworn in yesterday.  Gary See is the new Chairman for the Board and Marc Lindeen was selected for Vice Chairman.  It was a fairly light agenda with the Board focusing on the appointments for county committees.  There are a few spots open if people would like to contribute to the good of the county.  One such position open is for the Board of Adjustments.  Another is for Eminent Domain.  This one would require minimal effort as they would only be required to serve if they are called upon by a district court judge, which is few and far between.  Due to the State’s specifications that an equal amount of women be included on the committees, a special request is out for women of the county’s towns who are property owners.  Also, the Board received an update regarding their application with the Public Health Department regarding their application to switch the classification of their County Solid Waste Collection site.  This long process all started when they moved collection the to the Emergency Management Site.  Since the property was given by the federal government, there were restrictions on what the land could be used for and trash collection was not an option.  The Board is undergoing the process in which they switch the association from FEMA to Public Health in order to continue the site for trash collection.  They have to make a few changes to the paperwork since they have a new Board member but according to officials in Washington, everything on their application looks good.

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