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If Iowa wants to be a player in the world economy, we must have modern, efficient, safe railroads. As with other parts of Iowa’s transportation system, our railways need improvement.
By investing about $20 million in state funds, we can give Iowa railroads a $100 million upgrade. The vast majority of trains that will travel on these improved rails—travelling at faster speeds with improved safety—will be freight trains.
This investment will greatly increase the amount of freight Iowa can handle, and that will help every business in the state. The products of Iowa farmers and Iowa factories will be more accessible, more competitive and more valuable in the world economy. That goes for ethanol, pork, automobiles, corn, soybeans, tractors, military equipment, oil, wind turbines. Even UPS and Fed Ex packages will ship faster.
If we are serious about building a 21st century economy in this state, investing in Iowa’s railroads is a must. View video from a recent news conference on this topic at http://youtu.be/iP8DeXJOPNs.

Saturday, February 16
7:30 AM Fairfield Legislative Breakfast
Sponsored by Chamber of Commerce
At Best Western Fairfield Inn
2200 W Burlington Avenue, Fairfield
Saturday, February 16
10:00 AM Washington Legislative Forum
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At Washington County Courthouse
222 W. Main Street, Washington
Saturday, February 23
8:30 AM Mount Pleasant Legislative Forum
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At Iowa Wesleyan College Library
601 N Main St, Mt Pleasant
Friday, March 01
12:00 PM First Friday Legislative Forum
Hawkeye Restaurant
105 N Park Drive, Keokuk

Additional information
This is a legislative update from Senator Rich Taylor, representing Henry and Lee counties and portions of Washington and Jefferson counties. For newsletters, photos and further information, go to www.senate.iowa.gov/senator/taylor.

To contact Senator Taylor during session, call the Senate Switchboard at 515-281-3371. Otherwise he can be reached at home at 319-931-1568. E-mail him at rich.taylor@legis.iowa.gov.

Senator Taylor is vice-chair of the Agriculture Committee. He also serves on the Economic Growth, Judiciary, Local Government and Transportation committees, as well as the Justice Systems Budget Subcommittee.

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