Super Bowl Reminders

Written by on February 2, 2013 in News

The Lee County Sheriff’s Office would like to remind drivers that on this Super Bowl weekend “Fans Don’t Let Fans Drive Drunk.”  Sheriff Jim Sholl asks you to act responsibility and if you do drink, have a designated driver.  Lee County Sheriff’s Deputies will be patrolling this weekend and will be enforcing traffic laws with a concentrated enforcement on alcohol related offenses, speeding and seat belt usage.  Last year Iowa had one of its lowest traffic fatal counts and the hope is that this year will continue that trend.  Be safe this Super Bowl weekend.

Speaking of football, TOPS encourages you to score a touchdown with food choices.  The weight-loss support organization has tips to keep your nutrition on track.  They recommend eating a small snack ahead of time to curb your appetite; start with foods with will leave you feeling full faster: like nuts, bring a fruit platter or veggie tray and go easy on the thick food items dips and casseroles.  Also, look at all options before making a choice.  High calorie items: take a small amount and put on your plate last, after you’ve put on healthier options.  Be sure to limit your alcohol and fill up on protein such as shrimp or smoked salmon instead of high-carb offerings.  TOPS is a non-profit noncommercial weight loss program.  To learn more about it or to find a local chapter, go to

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