Tuesday, Feb. 12 Supervisors Meeting

Written by on February 13, 2013 in News

The Grace Friends Church asked for re-consideration of its request for a tax abatement. Jeff Thomas, representing the Mt. Pleasant church, asked the supervisors for a motion to rescind a previous action by the board denying the abatement. Thomas said this would give the board a chance to hear the merits of the issue again. Gary See and Mark Lindeen voted against rescinding the action. Newly elected supervisor Greg Moeller was infavor. Moeller wasn’t on the board for the original decision but read the documentation. He made the motion saying he would be interested in hearing any additional information. The church discovered after purchasing property on East Henry Street that its responsible for $6,000 in taxes for a time period during which it didn’t have possession of the building.
The two companies that provide imaging services for four of the county offices were present at Tuesday’s supervisor meeting. The recorder and treasurer use Imagetek. The auditor and assessor use Solutions. It has been proposed that all the offices use Solutions to realize some cost savings. However, the recorder and the treasurer have specific reasons for wanting to maintain Imagetek. The supervisors wanted to get more information on the exact costs from both. One particular cost was very glaring….if a switch is made the county is looking at $21,000 in up front data conversion costs. The county is also facing some hardware replacement expenses that could affect any decision to make a switch.

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