Copy of Report Presented to MPCSD Board

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Henry/Washington County Early Childhood Area Board of Directors
Report of Pre-School Experience 2012-2013
March 11, 2013
Prepared by: David Helman, Chairperson, Board of Directors
Tasha Beghtol, Director
The Early Childhood Board: The Board of Directors of the Henry/Washington County
Early Childhood Area is established under Iowa Code Chapter 2561, 21, 22, & 69.16. The
purpose of the Board is to oversee and coordinate collaborative services for children ages
0 to 5, and their families in Henry and Washington County. This purpose is to improve the
efficiency and effectiveness of services in areas of education, health and human services.
The geographic area served by the board shall be all of Henry and Washington County and
all school districts where the central office is located within Henry and Washington County
“School Ready” focus: One task of the Board is oversee expenditure of State Funds for
programs that prepare children for school. This includes family support and parent
education, support of pre-school attendance through tuition assistance and quality
improvement for program providers.
Early Childhood Education as a foundation of success: Our children ages 0 to 5 enter a
rapidly evolving and increasingly competitive world. It is evident that the human brain
develops much sooner than we had believed. Early education can be effective in preparing
a child for the future. Those children not exposed to the quality experience of their peers
have a greater likelihood of falling behind through the school years. Early education can
effectively identify and care for children having special needs. And, nations throughout the
world are promoting broad exposure to early education as a mean of economic mobility and
Duty of the Board to report: In serving Henry and Washington Counties it is the duty of the
Board to report to school boards, administrators, parents and all interested parties, events,
observations and trends on key issues. Pre-school experience is a key issue in leveling the
playing field for all children. The attached documents provide data to school officials and
community leaders that can be useful in evaluation and planning.
Cause for concern: The Iowa Condition of Education report tells us pre-school experience is
not reaching as many children in some school districts as it is in others. This bears study
and the Board believes – remedy. Lack of pre-school experience by sufficient numbers of
children can adversely effect the eventual overall student achievement through the K-12
education. And, increased pre-school experience can demonstrate improvement for
schools “in need of assistance” (NCLB) and promote the economic mobility and well-being
of our children and of our counties.
Iowa’s vision: “Every child, beginning at birth, will be healthy and successful.”

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