From the Henry County Supervisors Meeting

Written by on March 21, 2013 in News

Mt. Pleasant resident Dean Hamilton addressed the Henry County Supervisors in their meeting this morning regarding unemployment in the county. Hamilton expressed his concerns that the supervisors, city councils and school boards in the county aren’t making economic development a priority. He said he believes the situation has passed beyond an emergency and that something needs to be done. He suggested the supervisors bring together a committee of people who can work to figure out how to bring jobs to Henry County. The supervisors agreed that the area needs more jobs. They did say work to entice businesses to come here is going on behind the scenes all the time. But that many efforts have not proved very successful. The past economic downturn was blamed for some failed efforts. The supervisors said as the economy improves, so should the employment climate. Hamilton said they shouldn’t wait for the economy to turn around but instead should locally make a turn around happen.

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