Grand Avenue Update

Written by on March 29, 2013 in News

Here is the latest update on the progress of the Mt. Pleasant Grand Avenue reconstruction project. The pavement has all been recycled from Baker St. South to Mapleleaf Dr. Delong Construction have moved the recycling project to the area between Baker St. North to Winfield Ave. Delong Construction will be installing storm sewer along the East side of Grand Ave. from Baker St. to Mapleleaf Dr.
Later next week Delong Construction plans to start grading from Mapleleaf Dr. to Baker St. As the Grading begins the Contractor will have dump trucks crossing the Baker St intersection and the Winfield Ave. intersection exiting the project to the North. The Contractor will be hauling the excavated material to a site owned by the City at the NW corner of James Ave. & Grand Ave.
The Mapleleaf Dr., Baker St. and the Winfield Ave. intersections will remain open to traffic. Grand Ave. will remain open from Washington St. to Mapleleaf Dr. The Frontage Road on the East side of Grand Ave. from Mapleleaf Dr. to Winfield Ave. will be the Detour Route for North Grand Ave.

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