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Henry/Washington ECA Board – Report of preschool experience for MPCSD Board

Written by on March 13, 2013 in News

Henry/Washington Early Childhood Area Board contacts:
David Helman, Board Chair, 319-258-1469
Tasha Beghtol, Director, 319-461-1369
Mt Pleasant School Board meeting March 11, 2013
Preschool Snapshot – Henry County
Source: Grasshopper Green, Henry County Head Start, Grow N Glow, Son Shine Academy, Mt Pleasant Christian, IA Dept
of Education
 100 children ages 4-5yrs attended preschool in 2011-2012 at 3 private preschools in Mt Pleasant
o 55 – 4yr olds, 45 – 5yr olds
 143 Mt Pleasant CSD Kindergarten enrollment 2012-2013 school year
 33 children (3-5yrs) were reported to be on waitlists September 2012 in Henry County Preschools
 67 children received ECA Scholarships in 2011-2012 ($52,812.89 total expense)
 60 children receiving ECA Scholarships in 2012-2013 ($54,000 estimated annual expense)
 90% (316/351) Iowa School Districts participate in Statewide Voluntary Preschool Program
 $3,036 – is the amount per preschool student for districts participating in SVPP
Preschools in the Mt Pleasant area are generally at capacity. Considering only 4 & 5 year olds there appears to be a gap
of 43 slots (143 kindergarten students minus 100 (4-5yr olds) who attended preschool). Head Start has 2 classrooms
serving 36 (3-5yr olds). Since a portion of Head Start slots are going to 3 yr olds, there are not enough total slots to
serve the estimated 43 students.
Districts located in
Number of
students 2011-2012
% of Kindergarten
students w/
Number of
students 2012-2013
% of Kindergarten
students w/
Mt. Pleasant 141 76% 143 62%
New London 28 75% 40 78%
WACO 38 87% 35 94%
Winfield Mt Union 36 89% 22 91%
Highland 54 89% 37 95%
Washington 118 96% 124 90%
Mid Prairie 99 84% 103 94%
Source: Iowa Dept of Education, Bureau of Information & Analysis Services BEDS2011-2012
2012-2013 data self reported in Sept 2012 by local districts
Henry County preschools
Grasshopper Green, Mt Pleasant (private)
Son Shine Academy, Mt Pleasant (private)
Grow N Glow, New London (private)
Mt Pleasant Christian
Head Start, Mt Pleasant
WACO CSD, Crawfordsville (SVPP)
Warmth & Wonders, Winfield (private/SVPP)
Washington County preschools
First Baptist, Washington (private)
Washington Preschool, (private/SVPP)
YMCA, Washington (private/SVPP)
Kingdom Kids, Washington (private/SVPP)
St James, Washington (private/SVPP)
Stewart Elementary, Washington (SVPP)
Highland CSD, Riverside & Ainsworth (SVPP)
Mid-Prairie CSD, Kalona & Wellman (SVPP)
Head Start, Washington

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