Mt. Pleasant City Council Public Improvements Committee Meets

Written by on April 10, 2013 in News

Banners and civic center issues were the topic of conversation at the Public Improvements committee meeting this morning. The Mt. Pleasant city council committee visited with Lisa Oetken and Judy Marshall about the chamber’s idea to use banners to help promote the Look Local campaign. New light poles on Washington are designed for banners. So far only city owned banners have been displayed. The chamber is the first organization seeking permission to put up its own. It’s hoped businesses will purchase a Look Local banner with their names on them for about $200. City Adm. Brent Schleisman will provide an accurate number of how many poles would be available.
Three problems currently plague the Mt. Pleasant Public Library Civic Center…..the auditorium sound system, plaster repair and vandalism. The city council public improvements committee discussed all three at a meeting this morning. Half of the large sound board is not working. The other half has been rigged to allow use thru this spring. But then something needs to be done about fixing it or replacing it. The committee discussed the issue of too many people running the board who don’t know the proper way to operate it. Schleisman also said the plaster above the auditorium stage is crumbling. He is in the process of getting estimates on repairs. And finally, the committee discussed the damage done to the areas on either side of the main entrance. Schleisman will get repair estimates for this as well. Kids who hang out at the library like to sit on top of the concrete building features and could be responsible for the damage. One possible solution to the vandalism would be to remove these areas.

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