Loebsack Visits Local Organic Farm

Written by on May 3, 2013 in News

Thursday afternoon Morgan Hoenig of MogoOrganic welcomed Congressman Dave Loebsack to her organic farm located just south of Mt. Pleasant. The congressman acknowledged his visit wasn’t quite as momentus as that of the president’s visit. And Morgan admitted she has learned a lot since the presidents visit. That made her aware of government help thru the USDA that she’s been able to take advantage off. After seeing Morgan’s operation Loebsack asked how he could help her out. Her response was the need for more publicity about those helpful programs and grants so other small farmers like Morgan can continue to operate. From there the congressman was headed to Davis County to talk to traditional farmers about the farm bill. Today he’s a Hormel in Knoxville and in between he planned to visit other entrepreneurs and small businesses.

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