Supervisors Meet

Written by on May 28, 2013 in News

Tuesday morning the Henry County supervisors approved an agreement with three property owners on Jewel Avenue for seal coating a portion of that gravel road. This is something that has never been done in the county. Lynn and Karen Richard, Bob and Phylis Scarff and Dennis Ford are willing to pay the initial cost of $62,347 to have Shipley Construction chip and seal the road from Grand Avenue to the South side of Big Creek Bridge, approximately .77 miles. The maintenance would be up to the county. However, the cost of the maintenance is not to exceed a certain dollar amount over a certain time period or this experiment would be considered a failure and the county would turn the section of road back to gravel. Supervisor Marc Lindeen said he has heard comments from county residents who are in favor of this project.

Lindeen volunteered to be the board’s representative on a decision making council for the regional re-design of the health care delivery system. This council will make decisions until the new six county region becomes an official entity…sometime next year.

Henry County Sheriff Rich McNamee asked for the board’sinput on whether or not to pay the remainder of the contracts for two certified officers he would like to hire as deputies. Both currently work for law enforcement agencies in the county. It would be a total of $20,000. McNamee said this would be much less expensive than paying the $30,000 required for one person be become certified.

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