Construction Update for Mt. Pleasant’s Grand Avenue Project

Written by on June 15, 2013 in News

The plan is to finish the Baker St. & Grand Ave. intersection including cure time and sealing of all joints by Friday June 21st.
At this time the intersection will be opened back up to traffic. On June 24th the Mapleleaf Dr. & Grand Ave. intersection will be entirely closed down. At this time traffic will not be allowed North of Monroe St. on Grand Ave. DeLong Construction’s grading crew will be working on removing all of the concrete in the Mapleleaf intersection grading, placing engineering fabric and subbase rock with temporary surfacing.
The Mapleleaf Dr. intersection will reopen by the evening of July 3rd . for East – West traffic. DeLong’s Pipe crew will install storm sewer South across Mapleleaf Dr. while the grading crew is working in the intersection. The pipe crew will continue to lay storm on South along Grand Ave. South of Mapleleaf Dr. We anticipate that Grand Ave. will be closed from June 24th to August 15th +-. This is for grading and paving crews to complete this section down to and including the Mapleleaf Dr. intersection.
The Baker St. & Grand Ave. and the Winfield & Grand Ave. intersections will remain open until the Mapleleaf Dr. & Grand Ave. intersection is reopened. All factories and Businesses East of Grand Ave. on Mapleleaf Dr. should alert all of their Semi drivers that starting June 24th they should start using Winfield to Iris St. or Washington St. to Iris St. for their traffic. The Frontage Road will remain open on the East side of Grand Ave. between Mapleleaf Dr. and Winfield Ave. to access all businesses on the East side of Grand Ave.
We ask that traffic traveling in the area of this construction slow down and drive with caution. We have had several close calls and we are very concerned for the safety of the construction workers and the general public. We will keep you informed of any changes to this plan as they may occur. This schedule is very aggressive and the weather controls this schedule.

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