Celebrating 75 Years Draws Crowd of Nearly 4000

Written by on August 7, 2013 in News

MOUNT PLEASANT – Members in of Access Energy Cooperative in southeast Iowa celebrated 75 years last night with an estimated record crowd of 3800 members.
Access Energy Cooperative collectively began building a sophisticated power production and delivery system 75 years ago. And that system is still bringing them safe, reliable and efficient service today, thanks to all of the heroes who have made it happen up to today.
That’s the message that members of Access Energy Cooperative heard Tuesday August 6th at the co-op’s 75th annual meeting of members. With near-ideal initial weather conditions, the crowd was estimated at 4,000, with 1500 registered members.
Speakers during the business session discussed the cooperatives’ history and contribution to community, and they all discovered through Mt. Pleasant Chamber Executive Kiley Miller’s welcome remarks that the cooperative is older than Cheerios.
With threatening weather approaching, the general manager’s report was cut short, however Access Energy Cooperative Robert Swindell General Manager/CEO noted that 75 years is a long time for any business to be in existence. In recognition of this milestone, he focused on how Access Energy Cooperative continues to fulfill the vision of the founding members and looking forward to the next 75 years of delivering safe, reliable and efficient energy.
Also at annual meeting, incumbents Ronald Campbell, Fred Hickenbottom and Marvin Newton were re-elected as Directors to serve three-year terms on the nine-person board.
More than 30 attendance prizes were awarded during the day, including a 2003 Chevy S-10 Pickup won by Tom Morgan or Mt. Pleasant. Ten $75 bill credits, plus a $100 electric credit was won drawn from the mailed-in ballots. Due to the approaching storm, the traditional requirement that you must be present to win the door prizes was waived. Winners of prizes will be notified and prizes can be picked up at the Access Energy Cooperative office in Mt. Pleasant.
Other highlights of the day included an outstanding performance by Jake McVey and many family fun activities including Touchstone Energy hot air tethered balloon rides; pony rides by Shady acres; inflatable activities for kids by Jump-4-Fun; and Carousel ground train rides plus drive-a-tractor by Old Threshers. Several booths were available offering information on the launch of the cooperative’s new Facebook and Twitter accounts, as well as a new weather radio app for smartphones, the Coop Connections Card, in addition to energy efficiency and safety information.

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