Emerald Ash Borer Found Again

Written by on August 2, 2013 in News

A third case of emerald ash borer has been found in Iowa.  This time the destructive beetle was discovered in a residential tree in the city of Fairfield.  The Iowa Department of Agriculture last month announced they discovered the beetle in Burlington and it was also discovered in 2010 in Allamakee County.  Emerald ash is a metallic green beetle that kills any ash tree it infects and these infestations are often caused by people moving infected wood across state and county lines.  State officials will soon be issuing a multicounty quarantine for southeast Iowa.  It will limit movement of items such as firewood, ash logs and wood chips.  Unfortunately, we are too late in the season to apply preventative measures to ash trees.  Treatments must be applied in early spring.  To put the possible damages into perspective, Iowa is estimated to have over 55 million ash trees. 

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