Ordinance Meeting

Written by on August 20, 2013 in News

Rather than go to court, attorneys for Emilie DeWulf and the city of Mt. Pleasant are working on an agreement. DeWulf has been trying to find a way to revitalize her family’s property at 901 W. Clay and still stay in compliance with city zoning rules. The property, located in the city limits, has a non-conforming use designation as a farm. Previously DeWulf’s efforts failed and she said she would go to the courts because she felt she had a legal case against the city. Now Dewulf and the city have come to an agreement on how many animals she can raise on the property. It also designates where farming activity can take place which is primarily where it has happened in the past and where crops are now planted. The goal of the city is to make sure the uses are not expanded but continuously maintained. This morning the ordinance committee approved sending the agreement on to the council for approval.

Four residents who live in the vicinity of a Mt. Pleasant mobile home park attended this morning’s ordinance committee meeting to voice concerns about the park at the corner of Monroe and Marion Streets. The condition of the property, the trailers and the behavior of the residents there have been an ongoing nuisance and the residents were assured it remains on the committee’s list. Some of the complaints include burning fires late into the night, broken windows, junk accumulation and brush piles.

The threat of emerald ash bore has the city of Mt. Pleasant concerned about the many ash trees in the city parks. Because of this, the city is working with the DNR on a tree planting plan. The idea is to keep planting new trees of different types as old trees are dying and removed.

The ordinance committee is also looking for a better way to enforce the grass clipping ordinance. The current process takes too much time from infraction to resolution. The committee is considering using door handle notices to let the property owner know right away that a fine will be issued when grass is mowed into the city streets.

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