Oven Canning a no-no

Written by on August 9, 2013 in News

A hot topic this summer has been preserving food by canning in the oven.  Many see this as a way to cut time in the process but according to Patty Steiner of ISU Extension, oven canning is not safe.  She says that just because the jar is sealed it doesn’t mean that the food inside is safe to eat as it takes less heat to seal a jar than to make the contents safe.  Oven regulators are not accurate and the hot air in the oven may not circulate efficiently enough to heat the food inside the jar.  Also, dry heat penetrates at a much slower pace and canning jars are not designed for this type of heat.  For more information contact Henry County Extension at 385-8126.  ISU Extensions Answer Line can also be reached by calling 800-262-3804.

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