From the Mt. Pleasant School Board Meeting

Written by on September 17, 2013 in News

On the recommendation of Superintendent Wells the school board voted to add two student representatives to the board. High School principal Todd Liechty will have two recommendations for the board at the October meeting. The student representatives would not having voting rights but would be at the table and would have input before board decisions are made. Wells said as the district moves forward with the strategic planning process it will be vital to view things from a student perspective.

At the meeting last night the Mt. Pleasant school board approved the operational sharing agreement with Keokuk School district for a licensed librarian. Iowa Code requires all schools have a licensed librarian. Mt. Pleasant advertised the position several times but did not have any qualified applicants. If approved by the Keokuk school board Mt. Pleasant would share the services of Amy Davis, Keokuk Librarian, and meet the state requirement. Davis would be in the Mt. Pleasant district on Mondays. The arrangement would also generate 40 additional students for the certified enrollment as a result of the state’s “operational sharing” program.

Superintendent Wells recommends entering into a contract to purchase preschool slots from our community partners, Grasshopper Green Preschool and Little Bee’s Preschool. The contract is attached but is not a final copy. The school attorney is reviewing it and an updated contract will be brought to the school board meeting.

The school board put the brakes on Superintendent Wells’proposal for creating a Marine Biology Program yet this school year. The course follows the National Association of Underwater Instructors (NAUI) Scuba Diver requirements. With completion students will obtain a lifetime NAUI Scuba Diver certification. The course has five elements:

1. Classroom learning
2. Pool skills training
3. Open water certification
4. Marine Biology
5. Underwater Photography

The course would be for one quarter on Saturdays for 7 hours. The Marine Biology Program is a “hook” program and will consist of some students who may not be successful in our current educational model. The program would be offered to students at no charge. Wells said 40 to 60 students could be certified this year at a cost to the district of $250 per student.

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