Mt. Pleasant Downtown Street Project Update

Written by on September 27, 2013 in News

Mike Nelson Concrete Paving Company poured the West side of the Square Parking Thursday. This completes the parking all the way around the square. They are now forming the travel lane out to the center of the street. The plan is to pour the travel lanes out to the centerline all the way around the Square starting on Main Street again and work around the Square. The company plans to have these pours complete by Wednesday Oct. 2nd weather permitting. Zaiser Construction will be installing light pole bases around the square starting Wednesday October 2nd. He only plans on this taking 2 or 3 days. Kinney & Sons will be working on grading for the new sidewalk around the square and interior sidewalks. Mike Nelson Plans to start pouring the Sidewalk around the Square on Oct. 7th and plans to have it completed by October 12th weather permitting. Mike Nelson would like to be pouring interior sidewalks by Oct. 14th if the Mount Pleasant Municipal Utilities have the electric and water installations complete. The weather has been great and this project is moving along way ahead of schedule.

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