Students Sell Bruffins (?)

Written by on October 23, 2013 in News

Eight WACO General Business students spent the first week of October working on a small business project. They were making a product they named a Bruffin (a brownie baked in a muffin pan). Their goal was to sell all their inventory on the Friday enrichment day, October 4th as part of the Plus One activities. Students were divided into four teams of two that rotated through four different job descriptions each of the four days that they were baking the Bruffins. There was a mixing crew. There was a panning crew. There was a baking and bagging crew. The last crew was for cleaning up. Students used the FACS room and the kitchen equipment in that classroom to do their work. Students purchased the ingredients they needed and determined their total expenses. After discussion about pricing, they settled on a price that they felt would generate a reasonable profit. The students set up a selling station in the lunch room during the mid-morning break on Enrichment Day.
The results were mixed. The customers seemed to like the product, but sales at the school were disappointing, as not enough product was sold to cover costs. In an effort to minimize their losses, the leftover Bruffins were taken up town in Wayland to go door to door at various businesses to see if there was interest in purchasing the leftovers. As might be expected, the WACO community stepped up to help the students out. They were able to sell all their product after making one final stop at WACO elementary in Crawfordsville. Students did not pay themselves a wage. Their expenses were around $40 and they collected just over $80 from sales. Based on their experience, the class is planning on conducting their next sale at a Winter sporting event to see if there would be more demand for their product. The profit that the class earned was donated to the WACO Booster Club.

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